The committee met this morning and decided it was business as usual,but will keep the matter under frequent review taking into consideration government advice.

We have decided to introduce intensive cleaning of all areas in an attempt to reduce the risk of contamination.

The Mothers day special lunch will go ahead,however if you do not wish to sit in the club please give Miles the steward a ring on 07738628668 as we will be offering a takeaway option – all you need to do is bring your own plate.

You will on this occasion be given a full refund should you decide to cancel your reservation.

The committee have regrettably taken the decision to postpone the up coming St Georges Day celebration.

Bingo on 11th April will depend on our usual practice on the number of bookings. 

The AGM which we hoped to hold on 2nd April will now be postponed until further notice.

As you will be aware the situation is changing daily. Please keep an eye on our Web site, Facebook page & Notice board for updates.


Are you excited?We are re-opening at 7pm on the 17th May

Come and help celebrate this momentous day

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