Wow, 2017 has been one amazing year and we are only 6 months in. The changes are happening thick and fast for our old club.

Some important items you might like to be aware of:

  1. After many years of dedicated service and stellar leadership, the chairman of Newark Conservative Club, Mr Malcolm Lamb has decided to step down from his role. I’m sure that everyone will recall just how hard Malcolm worked for the club. His unstinting loyalty, dedication and work ethic have been an example for us all. Malcolm has supported the club throughout the most difficult times, never once giving up or contemplating failure, even after the difficult aftermath from the fire failed to dampen his spirits. Not only did he work tirelessly to make the club a success but he often roped in his equally inspiring extended family to help out.
  2. Our new chairman, Mr Michael McIlroy is hoping to bring the same exemplary qualities as Malcolm, while injecting his own personality to help modernise and improve the club going forwards. He has already started a dynamic, overdue revamp of procedures and issues within the club, reducing prices on all food and reduced entry costs on our fabulous entertainment events.
  3. Not only do we have a new chairman, but we are actively recruiting talented individuals to fulfil positions within the club. We want to introduce new approaches and ideas to continue the soaring popularity of the club and this means fresh people coming in to fill these vital positions.

I am sure that everyone will join together in welcoming new and old members, and getting behind the changes and improvements to the club that are so important in this ever changing era we are in.  We, would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff both current and past who in their own individual ways help create the warm friendly, inviting atmosphere we are famous for, some do it with a smile, some with their personality, some by their absence. But new and old we thank you for your support and service.

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