There are various sections which members are able to join separately from the main club membership.

Ladies Section

Ladies Night 1st April 2019

The Origins of Everyday Sayings

The Ladies Section met on the first Monday of April when Peter Hammond told the assembled Ladies the meanings of some of the sayings that are in everyday use.  

Peter, an archaeologist, was born and brought up in West Bridgford, left his birthplace for a while and has now returned. Over the years his interest in sayings has developed and he now spends a lot of his spare time sharing that interest with groups.

He told the Ladies that his research had revealed that some of the sayings were derived from the medieval times. For example  when houses had mud floors and the occupants would throw straw or thresh over the floor and keep the straw in with a board  you would have to “ step over the threshold”  to go into the house.

We live on an island so a lot of the sayings had a naval root. When sailors had nothing better to do, they were asked to check that the ships rigging was securely fastened at both end, hence the saying “at a loose end”. Cargo holds were fastened in stormy seas so “batten down the hatches “became a common saying.

Peter explained more recent sayings such as “as mad as a Hatter”. He explained that hatters used mercury in hat making and too much contact with the mercury would cause them to go mad.

The list of sayings is endless. We use them without thinking about their origins.

Peter was thanked for an enlightening and entertaining talk. His enthusiasm for his subject was infectious..

The Ladies Section meets on the first Monday of every month. There is a varied programme of talks and demonstrations to suit everyone’s taste. Please come along and try it. You will be made very welcome.

 1st  April                ‘Origins of Everyday Sayings’

                           Peter Hammond

 13th  May               RSPCA

 3rd  June                Lincoln Ukelele Band

 1st July                  Summer quiz.

 August – No meeting.


 2nd September       Hannah Sylvester

                          Herbal Medicine.

 7th October/4th  November still waiting confirmation of speakers.

 9th December        Christmas Dinner

Ladies Section Committee.



Newark Conservative Bowls section was started in 1988 by Martin Dobson under the auspices of the main club. Its aim was “to provide a social and sporting activity for all members with an emphasis on conviviality”. The club played friendly matches home and away, had internal competitions and social bowling. Our home ground is Beaumond Gardens which is council owned. Current membership is in the 30s and all players must already belong to Newark Conservative Club.

Some or our current members figure on the honours boards from 30 years ago. In the Ladies singles Kath Lawson won in the year 2000, 01 and 02. Dawn Pemberton in 2003, Wendy Johnson 2004 and Josie Hunt in 2005. In the mixed doubles. David Rudkin, Kath and Dawn all featured as winners in the 1990s. David and Frank Pemberton captured the men’s singles also in the early days of the club.

In 2001 progress was made when we joined the Wednesday Afternoon League. In 2003 the current pavilion was built. 2004 saw us entering the Newark and District League. 10 years later, 2014 we had enough bowlers to enter a third league called the League of Country Bowlers in Division 3 and four years later we have been promoted to Division 1 under the leadership of David Rudkin. James Burton, Captain of our N and D League team has led us into Division 1 and has also led us to victory in the TSB Cup two years running, 2017 and 2018.

The Wednesday afternoon league was formed by Tony Lawson, Secretary, Newark Conservative Club and he still runs it annually. Tony was also Chairman of the bowls section until 2015, a total of 15 years.

Coming right up to date our season starts at the end of this month (April) as we have our first coffee morning and members can have their first roll up, weather permitting. Our first match is on Thursday the 2nd of May which is an away friendly against Newark Town. Wednesday 8th May is our first league game away to Burton Joyce.

We have League and Social members who pay a minimum fee to be section members. Tuesday mornings are our coffee mornings in the club. Weather permitting we have an hours bowling and an hours coffee and chat. All very enjoyable.

 If anyone would like to join us they would be very welcome. The committee are Tony Parker, Wendy Johnson, Val Brown, Audrey Presland, David Blake, David Rudkin and James Burton. If you do not know any of the committee, Tony Lawson, Club Secretary, who I think everybody knows, will put you in touch. His number at the Club is 01636 702113

Tony Parker

Bowls Committee

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