Dear Members

Are your fingers crossed? Mine are! Only about 16 days and counting before your Club re-opens. We have a lot planned for you – new and old – and hope that you will support the Club as much as possible.

We will be revising our Covid-19 Risk Assessment before we open but do not anticipate many changes. Our revised assessment will be published on our web-site when completed.

 As yet we don’t have full details of the Government “guidance “for Step 3 of the Road Map but we will ensure that we adhere to all of that. Currently our plans are based on “guidance “issued for Step 2 which is necessarily more stringent. We can be flexible and will change in accordance with the guidance.

Members and their guests will be required either to give their name and address on entry or use the bar code which will be on the Hall table as before. 

One thing we do know is that face coverings will be mandatory when not seated. Miles and his staff will serve you seated at your table, there will be no bar service.  Washing your hands or using hand gel is advised and will be available as before. We understand that social distancing will remain and the seating will be arranged in compliance with this. You will all be very familiar with these rules. Again, the numbers that can gather together will be limited, up to a maximum of 6 a table but there is no limit on the number of households in this case. However, if there are more than 6 gathered together on the same table then they must be from only 2 households. We also understand that there will not be a curfew.

In order to facilitate social distancing booking will be essential for most events. You can easily do this by phoning Miles on 07738 628668.

A new initiative that Miles has been leading is to open the Upstairs Lounge for parties/events/small wedding receptions and afternoon tea. This will be offered to Members and non-Members alike so please spread the word.  Please contact Miles if you want more details and don’t forget he will do his best to tailor everything to your requirements.

Membership fees.

We have all been through an unusual and difficult time and we are looking forward to welcoming all Members back to the Club. We have accessed all the grants available to us but a difficult time lies ahead and so I have to appeal to all the Members to try to support your Club as much as you possibly can.

I have to remind those of you who haven’t paid to do so as soon as possible. The Committee have agreed that the 31st May will be the final day to accept 2021 Membership Fees. After this date if you have not paid you will cease to be a Member. If you wish to join after this date you will be required to pay £50.00 as if you are a new Member. Please think what you will be missing, just over £3 per month is very reasonable to allow you to access all the facilities and events. Your Club needs your support, and we really don’t want to lose you so please come along and join over 240 others who have done so already.

Tony Lawson, Club Secretary will be present at the Club to take your Membership fees, update Membership cards and distribute Car Park Stickers at the following times:

Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th May from 7.00 pm

Wednesday May 19th from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st from 11.00am to 1.00 pm

And also in the evening of Saturday May 22nd

So I hope you will agree that you will have ample opportunity to pay your Membership fee

Grand re-opening timetable for June

There will be an offer of 30p off a pint,15p off half pints and an equivalent discount for all other drinks including tea and coffee from 17th May to the 31st May – so come and make the most of it.

Monday 17th May – doors open 7.00 pm. All the usual weekly events except there will be no Thursday Carvery until further notice.

Wednesday 19th May -Saturday 22nd May – Miles will be offering Tea-time specials as before weekly from Wednesday to Saturday 6.00pm – 8.00 pm including 22nd May (see below). Two courses £7.50 per person. If you want to include a glass of wine the price is £10.00 per person. Book your seats early. 

 Saturday 22nd May – an opportunity for you all to come and meet up again, talk to friends you have not seen for far too long. Free light refreshments will be served to your table at 9.00 pm. The Tea -time special will also be available tonight from 6.00 pm -8.00pm so you may wish to plan to stay for the whole evening. Booking for both essential.

Sunday 23rd May – Miles’s Sunday Lunch returns with all the old favourites from 12.00 pm until 3.00 pm. Booking necessary as usual. Served every Sunday. Please reserve your table.

Saturday 29th May – Bingo and a fish and chip supper served in a basket. Eyes down at 7.30 pm, supper will be served at half time. Always a fun night, why not come and try it out. You will be made very welcome. Booking is essential whether or not you chose to eat.

The price reduction on drinks ends on 31st May June 2021

Saturday 12th JuneCurry Night with entertainment. There will be a choice of 3 curries and rice with naan breads and chutney. More details to follow. Starts at 8.00pm. Booking and pre-payment required. £10.00 per person

Sunday 13th JuneFootie in the Lounge at 2.00 pm. England v Croatia, Sunday Lunch time will be served as usual from 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

Friday 18th June – Scotland v England Football match in Lounge. Sound will be off during the Meat Draw.

Saturday 19th JuneAfternoon Tea will be served from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm in the Upstairs Lounge. This might be a first for the Club so come and enjoy a variety of sandwiches, savouries, cakes and scones with clotted cream and jam, all washed down with endless pots of tea or coffee. £15.00 per person 2.00pm – 4.00 pm.  Booking essential. This is a first so please come and support Miles and Andrea in this new venture.   

21st June – hopefully the Country enters Step 4 of the Road Map and all limits on social contact will be lifted.

Tuesday 22nd June – England v Czechoslovakia Football in the Lounge 8. 00pm. Snacks

 (chips and rolls) will be available during the match.

Saturday 26th JuneEntertainment evening – Come and join the fun and be entertained by Louise Scott, a female vocalist.  A buffet will be served at 9.30 pm and the price is £8 per person. Booking will be essential and entry to the Lounge will be by ticket only. (The Snooker Room Lounge area is now available as an alternative).

Don’t forget! – Sunday Lunch every Sunday 12.00 pm – 3.00pm. Please remember to book to avoid disappointment.

 Snooker Room – will be open from the 17th May. Please book your tables in the usual way. Bookings will be welcome from 10th May onwards. Snooker players will be expected to wear masks if not at a Snooker Table.  Customer feedback questionnaires are available on the Bar. Any comments about the new arrangements, which will be reviewed in September, are welcome.

  Please don’t forget to support the following weekly events:

Wednesday Quiz and Open the Box – weekly at 8.00pm come and test your knowledge, have a drink and a chat. Filled cobs will be available to purchase from behind the Bar.

Open the Box prize money currently stands at £70.00

Friday night Meat Draw, Play your Cards Right and Kath’s Jackpot    starts at 10.00 pm Filled cobs will be available to purchase from behind the Bar.

I hope you have kept your Meat Draw tickets in a safe place; you can use them on Friday 21st May. Play your Cards Jackpot stands at £50.00 and Kath’s Draw Jackpot is a massive £280 – some lucky person might win this eventually.

Sunday Night Quiz, Silly Question, Card Bingo and Ring my Bell. Please note that this event will now start at 8.30 pm with the Card Bingo. It will be followed at around 9.00 pm by the Quiz itself. Filled cobs will be available to purchase from behind the Bar.

Silly Question prize standing at £20.00 and Ring the Bell jackpot is a huge £140. Come and take your chance at winning this.

Dominoes – regrettably this activity will remain on hold until further notice.

Bowls Club section of Newark Conservative Club

The bowls season has started. Due to current restrictions I cannot post anything on the bowls notice board. for the benefit of new members and any current members. Our league participation starts in the middle of May when some of the restrictions have eased. We are allowed to bowl though at the moment, but not to use the changing rooms. We do however meet every Tuesday morning, weather permitting, at the pavilion, Beaumond Gardens, to bowl against each other in competition. 5 4 3 2 1, is the name of the game. This starts at 10 am and lasts just over an hour and followed by tea or coffee and biscuits. All Conservative Club members are eligible to join us. Our bowls Captain is James Burton. Tony Lawson, Conservative Club Secretary, has all the information as well. If you are interested and want to find out more or wish to join us please come to the pavilion on a Tuesday morning.

 Tony Parker, Chairman of the bowls section.

The Committee and I look forward to meeting you in person at the Club very soon. If you want to contact the Committee, please email at or write to us at the Club address. We may be closed but we monitor both emails and post.

Ruth, (Acting Chairwoman)
Tony, (Secretary)
Helen, (Treasurer)
Alan, Darren, Ian, Kath, Mark, Sheila, Stuart, Vaughan (Committee)

PS I am very sorry to announce Stuart Murray’s resignation from the Committee. I would like to put on record my thanks for Stuart’s support and hard work. We will miss his steadying advice and calm approach. Thank you Stuart.

Here are the answers to Ian’s quiz in the March newsletter.

Lockdown Quiz 3 answers

What is the study of the science of plants? Botany

Which butterfly shares its name with a London area? Camberwell

Which Club has members called Barkers? The Variety Club

In which African Country is Timbuctoo? Mali

Cryptic Clue – TV Programme –    ASCENDING SLIGHTLY WET.  Rising Damp

Who is the only British Prime Minister to marry a divorce? Margaret Thatcher

Which Greek god gave his name to the US Space Programme? Apollo

Which English city has a Cathedral and the same name as an American President? Lincoln

The first panel on which TV show featured Alma Cogan, Pete Murray, Gary Miller and Susan Stranks? Juke Box Jury

In Only Fools and Horses which character was teased for being a Jaffa? Boyesie

Which is the largest Central London Park? Hyde

Who was Henry the Eighth’s third wife? Jane Seymour

How many ounces in a pound? 16

In 1968 Dionne Warwick asked what?  Do you know the way to San Jose?

Which abbreviation means “and so on”? Etcetera

Which football club used to play their home games at White City? Queens Park Rangers

Which is the oldest royal residence? Windsor Castle

What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag? Red

Who is the only golfer to win the Open in three different decades? Gary Player

Which is England’s only island city? Portsmouth

Lockdown Quiz 4  kindly provided by Kath – this will be the final quiz in the Lockdown series. Answers in the May Newsletter

The answer to question 1 begins with  A, question 2 begins with B, and so on through the alphabet.

  1. If you were a dipsomaniac what would you want.   (A)
  2. What nationality was Walt Disney.     (B)
  3.  Where was the series “Due South” set.   (C)
  4. After the human, what is the most intelligent creature on earth.  (D)
  5.  What type of creature was Barbar.    (E)
  6.  What does a palaeontologist study.  (F)
  7.  What is another name for Iron Pyrites.  (G)
  8.  What is the surname of Sherlock Holmes’ landlady.  (H)
  9.  What is a sonata written for.   (I)
  10.  What movie opens with the line,” The great fish moved silently through the water.” (J)
  11.  What name did the Idlewild Airport change its name to in 1963.   (K)
  12.  What word appears nearly 2,000 times in the bible.   (L)
  13.  What was Michael Caines real first name.  (M)
  14.  What is the name of the dog in Peter Pan.  (N)
  15.  What vegetable is sometimes called Ladies Fingers.  (O)
  16.  What was the Beatles first record label.   (P)
  17.  What is an adult female pedigree cat.   (Q)
  18.  If you were using a Pluviometer what would you be measuring.  (R)
  19.  From which animal can humans take lanolin.   (S)
  20.  What country has had Prime Ministers Ulnsa and Ozal.  (T)
  21.  What is the opposite to rural.  (U)
  22.  In which country could you see the Angel falls.  (V)
  23.  Vasili Alexyef broke 80 world records in which sport,  (W)
  24.  What is the extreme dislike or fear of anything or anyone foreign.  (X)
  25.  What is the system of Hindu philosophy that has many forms.  (Y)
  26.  Who were crushed by Lord Chelmsford’s Redcoats. (Z)
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