Dear Members

I can’t believe we are almost at the end of March! Spring is definitely here and the daffodils are out. We have not been idle at the Club, lots of development and planning has been going on and we can’t wait to see what you think of it.

The Committee have agreed that the Club will re-open on May 17th 2021 dependent upon the Government review. I know some of you will be disappointed it won’t happen earlier but we were unable to go ahead with the purchase of a Marquee for insurance reasons. Maybe some time in the future who knows? The idea is on the shelf not in the rubbish bin. If the weather allows there will be some outside seating provided on the front lawn.

A taste of what is to come –

Monday May 17th is the published date on which Step 3 of the Road Map commences. Data allowing we should be able to serve you indoors albeit whilst still observing some restrictions. If the date is confirmed by the Government we plan to be open for normal hours with all the usual weekly activities. There will be no Thursday Carvery for the time being but Miles will be continuing with his tea – time specials. So – doors will be open on Monday 17th May at 7.00 pm.

Wednesday May 19th Tony will be present at the Club from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm to take Membership fees, update Membership cards and distribute Car Park Stickers. You will also be able to do this on the evening of Saturday May 22nd.

Saturday May 22nd Miles will be inviting all of you to celebrate our re-opening with a free buffet and a reduction in the price of some drinks.

Look out for Tony if you wish to pay your Membership fees this evening.

Saturday 29th May Eyes Down! It’s an evening of Bingo with a basket meal    

Saturday 12th June is a Curry Night

Saturday 26th June  Miles and Ian have engaged Louise Scott, a female vocalist to entertain us and a buffet meal will be served.

Football – as you will be aware we have a brand new television in the Alexander Room. Miles will be screening the England 2021 Euro cup matches and offering hot food during the games. More details to follow. 

We have plenty more planned to keep you interested and I will be giving details about these and other activities in the next Newsletter.

Parties/Small functions/Wedding Receptions and Meetings

Miles and the Committee are hoping to be able to expand the business by utilising both the Alexander Lounge and the upstairs Eden Lounge for private parties -such as wedding receptions and birthday parties. We can cater for up to 40 upstairs and 60 downstairs. During lock-down we have upgraded the furniture upstairs at minimum cost enabling us to offer a variety of layouts to suit most tastes. If you are planning an important event or know someone who is, please put them in touch with Miles (07738 628668) to discuss their needs. This venture will be open to Members and non-Members alike. I hope to have some photos of the Eden Lounge to show you in the next Newsletter.

The Snooker Room

Whilst in lock-down the Committee have had discussions about how to develop interest in playing snooker and make the Snooker Room more welcoming. We have agreed to make some small, no cost alterations to the Snooker Room, on a trial basis for 3 months. A “lounge area” has been created near the Bar to enable any Member to eat and drink in there if they wish. This means that at least for the duration of the trial Table No. 5 will be taken out of commission. We hope that these changes will have little impact on our Snooker players enjoyment of their game however a review of these new arrangements will take place in September when the Committee will discuss feedback from the Membership and review both bookings for the Snooker Tables and takings for the new Snooker Bar menu. A decision will not be taken about the new arrangements until after that review.  Feedback forms will be made available in the Snooker Room and Alexander Lounge.

Fire Risk Assessment

Earlier this month an independent fire consultant conducted a review of the building. His report outlined a number of minor housekeeping issues most of which were attended to immediately and our attention was also drawn to the requirement for a fire door upstairs and an additional fire alarm both of which are work in progress.

Mr James Kennedy   It is with sadness that I record the passing of Mr James Kennedy who was a Life Member and former Secretary of the Club. Our condolences go to his wife and family at this sad time.

Mr Trevor Bombroffe   It is my sad duty to inform you that Mr Trevor Bombroffe recently passed away. Our condolences to his family and friends

The Membership fees   Thank you to all of you who have already renewed.  Renewal is £37.00 per Member and the cost of re-joining or for a new Member is £50.00.

For those of you who have not yet paid 2021 subscriptions you can still do so by posting a cheque made out to Newark Conservative Club Ltd at Belvedere, 29, London Road Newark NG24 1TN. Please ensure that Tony knows the name(s) and initial(s) of each Member for whom the payment is being made.

Tony will have your car park sticker behind the Bar in anticipation of your return. When we do re-open and for those of you who did not send in your Membership cards with your payment please place your card in the 2021 Subscription box on the Bar and Tony will update it for you.

AGM – A reminder that this essential event was postponed until 2021 and remains on the Committee Agenda.. At this point in time I am unable to give you any further information. Suffice it to say that you will be advised about the AGM when the Committee has had an opportunity to consider the best way to proceed.

It won’t be long now! We are all looking forward to seeing you soon.

Ruth, (Acting Chairwoman)

Tony, (Secretary) Helen, (Treasurer)

Alan, Darren, Ian, Kath, Mark, Sheila, Stuart, Vaughan (Committee)

PS If you want to contact the Committee please email at or write to us at the Club address. We may be closed but we monitor both emails and post.

Lockdown Quiz 2 

Last month Kath Lawson tested us with an anagram quiz. Here are the answers: –

  1. Want dole……… Edwalton               11. Kops Row              Worksop…….
  2. Shave a nerd……… Ravenshead …  12. Wild broth.             Blidworth                               
  3. Lend brown tea…… New Balderton     13. Welsh lout.             Southwell……                           
  4. Or help Peter……… Perlethorpe … 14.Show copper bill… Cropwell Bishop        
  5. Do shower……… Sherwood           15 Lean fort……           Alfreton..
  6. Find males………… Mansfield……. 16 Niggled                   Gedling  
  7. Can or clots……… Car Colston …      17 Ron lad…                Arnold…           
  8. Mad howl.………… Lowdham….….      18. Tall thin son……    Stanton Hill                
  9. Once split………… Clipstone ………..  19. Real vest………    Teversal               
  10. Fried calf ………… Radcliffe ……      20. Me need lav … … Meden Vale.

Lockdown Quiz 3

It’s Ian’s turn once again and he has kindly put together a quiz for us this month – Good Luck everyone. Answers in the April Newsletter            

  1. What is the study of the science of plants|?
  2. Which butterfly shares its name with a London area?
  3. Which Club has members called Barkers?
  4. In which African Country is Timbuctoo?
  5. Cryptic Clue – TV Programme – ASCENDING SLIGHTLY WET. 
  6. Who is the only British Prime Minister to marry a divorce?
  7. Which Greek god gave his name to the US Space Programme?
  8. Which English city has a Cathedral and the same name as an American President?
  9. The first panel on which TV show featured Alma Cogan, Pete Murray, Gary Miller and Susan Stranks?
  10. In Only Fools and Horses which character was teased for being a Jaffa?
  11. Which is the largest Central London Park?
  12. Who was Henry the Eighth’s third wife?
  13. How many ounces in a pound?
  14. In 1968 Dionne Warwick asked what?
  15. Which abbreviation means “and so on”?
  16. Which football club used to play their home games at White City?
  17. Which is the oldest royal residence?
  18. What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag? d
  19. Who is the only golfer to win the Open in three different decades?
  20. Which is England’s only island city?
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