Wow, both jackpots went on the Sunday night quiz night. First off Alan Card won the 240.00 silly question and an hour later Steve Turner, guest night quiz master, rang the bell and picked up 120.00 jackpot. Well done both of you. Jackpots start again next Sunday.

          On the Catering side

Thursday 3rd October Chef’s special at lunchtime is Sausage and Mash with vegetables at 4.95.

Lunchtime on Sunday 6th October Chef’s Special at lunchtime will be a choice of two roast meats with vegetables.

Roast chicken in a leek sauce is another option.

All will be served at your table. do not forget you need to book for the Sunday lunch.

          Email Spam Filters

It was discovered at the Meet and Greet evening that some members were not receiving the bulletin and that they knew that the club had their email addresses. It was suggested that they should check spam.

A couple of members had their phones and checked. The email was found.

Please give this advice to anyone who should mention they are not getting the bulletins. If they do not find them in spam ask them to leave a note for Ruth (Committee) behind the bar with their email and she will check it out

          Few Reminders

Finally a couple of reminders for the beginning of next week.

Ladies night is on the 7th,

5s and 3s is on the 8th

and usual Wednesday quiz on the 9th .

11th is the meat draw and

12th is Bingo night, get your name down.

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